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Holistic Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork Retreat

Bali Retreat

Yoga and meditation retreats inspired by the raw natural elements we experience on the beautiful hidden and diverse Bali. Our retreat base is in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

We aim to nourish your soul through conscious movement and breath.

We strive to nourish your body with healthy balanced meals.

We love to introduce you to new cultures, new people and new destinations, expanding your horizons and opening your heart.

We support you in chasing your dreams, finding out what makes you feel most alive and designing your life to spend more time doing that.

Life is short, let go, ride the waves and enjoy.

The unknown holds limitless possibility for growth, challenge and experience.
3 Days Retreat

On this short retreat, you will focus on inner connection, transformation and healing. Special additional activities breathwork and icebath session. Located in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. Our teams are ready to share and help you deepening your yoga practice , spiritual, self healing and more activities that bring you more connected with yourself.

5 Days Retreat

Ubud is a place for healing, rejuvenate and transformation. It is beautiful to be on retreat in person and partake in many incredible new experience that we have introduced to the retreat program. We created plenty of activities that bring you more connection into yourself and also the nature. Stay healthy, stay happy and stay relax into retreat.

7 Days Retreat

In this amazing 7 days retreat, you will rid yourself of all the toxins in your body, relax, and rejuvenate.You will be detoxifying from all the negative energy from outside which will open energy blockages and help to maintain the peace inside. Join us for incredible experience with our team.

Europe Yoga Meditation and Nature Retreat

Shakti Wellness Team bring together all elements through yoga, meditation, journaling , Balinese healing and culture, adventure, joy, balance and infectious positive energy.

They are now ecstatic to be travelling the globe and sharing their favorite spots with you!
Our retreats are the perfect opportunity to rest, recharge and improve your practice at incredible locations with our teachers, facilitator and event staff.
7 Days Retreat Tuscany, Italy

This exclusive retreat is the perfect environment to tap into your heart energy, nurture your soul and find peace with all that is. The intention behind this retreat is simple: we want to help you get back on your feet when it feels like our world has been spinning out of control.

7 Days Retreat Andalucia, Spain

We are thrilled to invite you to experience an wellness journey with us in beautiful Andalucia, Spain. Spend 7 days partaking in rejuvenating yoga and meditation retreat that could transform your life.

Private Luxury Retreat Switzerland

Shakti Wellness Retreat collaborated with one of the most stunning and best chalet in Zermatt, Switzerland for running wellness and adventure retreat in Summer and Winter. Maksimum 8 people in the group for this program and get ready to experience memorable and luxury retreat in your life.

Our retreat events and workshops are open to all and always have a theme or focus to inspire, challenge and support to deepen your practice.