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  • Shakti Wellness was founded by Lila and Nara with a vision of beautiful simplicity. Our retreat program is an experience in a breathtaking location, filled with warm-hearted people and a healthy, balanced and nourishing lifestyle for the mind body and soul. Our purpose is to bring these elements to others and enjoy the experience of living life fully, out loud, as a collective.
  • Our mission is to build resilience and wellbeing in our local area by increasing access to yoga and mindfulness classes, breathwork, healthy eating and educational yoga training.
  • We believe passionately in the power of yoga, meditation and breathwork aim to assist people from all ethnic, age groups, abilities, shapes and sizes in enjoying the physical, spiritual and emotional benefits that yoga offers.

Who is this experience for?

Our Retreat Program is an opportunity to deepen your connection to yourself. Whatever it is you are seeking in your life – a career change, romantic partnership, improvement in your health, ease navigating a big life transition, a spiritual practice, or you’re simply feeling stagnant in your current life, this retreat will serve as a tailwind to guide you into the next phase with clarity.

Your transformation awaits…

3 Days Retreat at Bsaya Villa Ubud

3 Days Retreat at Bsaya Villa Ubud

3 Days Retreat at Wakanda Resort Ubud

3 Days Retreat at Wakanda Resort Ubud

5 Days Retreat at Wakanda Resort

5 Days Retreat at Wakanda Resort

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